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Curry Hub.....We serve authentic south indian dishes with richness of spice combinations from South India. Tempered with traditional spices & seasoned with southern spicy flavours,redefine your culinary experience altogether Curry Hub is a south indian restaurant which brings you the taste of authentic home cooked south indian food with an introduction of cyclic menu for the first time to Australia. South Indian food which harks back to the purity & simplicity of food that used to be eaten in the villages of South India ,which is deeply ingrained in generous use of spices bearing testimony to the centuries of constant innovation of spices


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Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Vegetarian
A world-renowned Indian dish, Biryani takes time and practice to make but is worth every bit of the effort. Long-grained rice (like Basmati) flavoured with exotic spices like saffron is layered with lamb, chicken, fish or vegetables cooked in a thick gravy. The vessel is then covered, its lid sealed on with dough and the biryani is cooked on a low flame.
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Masala Dosa , Plain Dosa , Thattu Dosa , Egg Dosa , Chicken Dosa
Dosa is a type of pancake made from a fermented batter. It is somewhat similar to a crepe but its main ingredients are rice and black gram. Dosa is a typical part of the South Indian diet and popular all over the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally, Dosa is served hot along with sambar, stuffing of potatoes or paneer and chutney.
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North Indian specialities

Butter chicken, Rogan Josh, Vindaloo,Tandoori Chicken, Naan Breads
North Indian curries usually have thick, moderately spicy and creamy gravies. The use of dried fruits and nuts is fairly common even in everyday foods. Dairy products like milk, cream, cottage cheese, ghee (clarified butter) and yoghurt play an important role in the cooking of both savoury and sweet dishes. Thanks to the fact that such a rich variety of fruit and vegetable is available at all times of the year, the region produces a dazzling array of vegetarian dishes.
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Chilli , Manchurian , Schezwan , Fried Rice , SchezwanFried Rice , Noodles , Chilli Poratta
Chilli , Manchurian , Schezwan , Fried Rice , SchezwanFried Rice , Noodles , Chilli Poratta